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Global Matrix Consulting is a new wavelength of business strategy & philanthropy

Global Matrix Consulting is a new wavelength of business strategy & philanthropy. Our mission is to redefine the co-existence of humanity alongside today’s evolving global business market.

Global Matrix Consulting brings the future to you. We are a community. We are leaders. We are executives. We are travelers. We understand that humanity is at a moment in history where business models must evolve into a greater consciousness & sense of responsibility. We have had nearly 20 years of experience in the global corporate world & truly understand how to design and implement strategies, design and lead profitable sales and marketing teams. We strive to be humble. We strive to be kind. We are aggressive in our expression of our creativity and we as a community, have reached an epic moment in history.

Under the direction of our Founder and President, Michael Morejon, we have built the infrastructure needed to achieve our mission. We have the understanding that humanity needs us to become more aligned with the voices of our gut that is hungry for a greater purpose. We provide solutions. We offer and unite companies in order to maximize sustainable profitability. We are victorious. The time is now for you to join the Global Matrix and leverage our access. We are expanding our reach to redefine and create a sustainable platform of prosperity and influence. We are a movement. Are you in?

Michael Morejon

With close to 20 years in the luxury travel industry, our founder Michael Morejon has built a unique and consistent track record particularly distinguished in several key areas:

His passion and entrepreneurship. His business relationships and access to the global luxury industry. His ability to lead and integrate philanthropy and awareness of alternative health methods, into an ever-changing global matrix of evolving business models and sustainability on all fronts.

Michael is an avid believer in an expansion of a global consciousness through travel, business & philanthropy. It is this integration that will accelerate the need for a deep-rooted sense of responsibility in how personal and business relationships will shape the future.

The past few years were a transformative and epic period of evolution for our founder. He dove deep into studying global health alternatives to the basic, and often limited Western healthcare system. He has integrated his professional education of International Relations, International Business, Women’s Studies & World Religions and Alternative Medicine, into a culmination of the foundation that is now coming to fruition: The Global Matrix Foundation. Working closely with friends and family, he began putting into action his integrative health visions. Utilizing herbs, diet and plants from around the globe and facilitated the healing process for dozens through a holistic and spiritual approach.

“The time is now for us to make an imprint on history” says Morejon, of the evolution as a businessman and as a citizen of this connected global matrix. “I want to lead a community of like-minded souls to grow. To become stronger and better business people. I believe in humanity. I believe change starts with me. This is why I believe so strongly in this platform.”

Michael Morejon, Founder & President of Global Matrix Consulting.




Global Matrix Consulting will also launch M2L2 Travel, a parallel travel firm to ensure sustainable solutions that will facilitate the expansion and infrastructure of Global Matrix Consulting.

About M2L2 Travel

M2L2 Travel, a parallel travel firm to ensure sustainable solutions that will facilitate the expansion and infrastructure of Global Matrix Consulting. M2L2 Travel defines travel as an essential component of the Global Matrix Consulting platform. The firm’s focus is on connecting individuals and fluctuating global economies and on emphasizing the priority of alternative health practices, compassion and flexibility. These disciplines organically yield profitability as defined by each individual in any part of the world.

learn more about M2L2 Travel

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